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Michael Choi, Esquire and Robert Swift, Esquire founded Gold Tree Investments with a core mission to defend human rights and protect those that have been persecuted by corrupt governments and institutions internationally. For decades we have pioneered efforts to end human rights abuses and to compensate victims and their families.

We are open to considering and assessing various investment opportunities around the globe that meet our investment strategy and our due diligence requirements. Our strategy is to synergistically invest in areas that will serve in our endeavor to establish Gold Tree Investments as a company focusing on humanitarianism. Combined with our diversification, political influence and deep, exhaustive knowledge of the companies and markets we invest in - We aim to make the world a better place.


METANOIA COIN is second generation cryptocurrency created to lead the future by Gold Tree Investments. By using Metanoia coins and establishing a trading account on one of our exchanges, you are joining in our crusade.

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Metanoia Coin is a second generation cryptocurrency leading the future. Our enhanced security system utilizing blockchain technology secures user accounts and transactions. An additional level of protection will be provided by offering insurance coverage on the value of the funds that are used in exchange for Metanoia Coin.
For decades we have pioneered efforts to end human rights abuses and to compensate victims and their families.
By using Metanoia coins and establishing a trading account on one of our exchanges, you are joining in our crusade.


We are targeting 50 to 100 locations throughout the world for our International Virtual Exchange Chain. We offer worldwide transactions through multinational exchanges and coin users are able to log in and trade coins all over the world.

The vision of the Coin Exchange portal site is as follows.

- Easily transfer coins without their addresses
- A new concept in exchange security, Secure Program Preemption (OT-OCN- Operation Technology and Operation Centric Network) was launched by US companies CAT and MOA. It is a security system, which provides bulletproof and uninterruptible cyber security solutions. Within 2~3 years, it will replace TCP-IP which will solve all and In-House Hacking.
- System that can be easily accessed for all member services and is able to make distribution and payments possible anywhere in the world.


Human Rights Case

Found by Michael Choi and Robert Swift, Gold Tree Investments mission has always been to develop jurisprudence to enable victims of heinous human rights abuses to recover compensation and to ensure human rights are protected. They have been credited with representing and being awarded settlements for Holocaust victims versus the Swiss Banks as well as representing the South Korean victims of forced labor during World War II by Japanese war criminals of more than 69 companies. In addition:

- No Gun Ri Massacre
- Two Agent Orange class actions for 40,000 Korean victims
- Human rights case against the deposed President of the Philippines, Ferdinand E. Marcos, on behalf of 10,000 victims of torture
- Litigation on behalf of Holocaust victims who perished during World War II and whose deposits in Swiss banks were never returned


Gold Tree Investment is a leading participant in the growth of the Telecommunications & Postal Service sector’s five-year development plan for Liberia. This will be a great leap forward while significantly improving the quality of service and communication technologies for the people of Liberia.

Our objective is to build a resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation through access to connectivity and internet services; and improve access to reliable and affordable postal delivery services.

- Expand National ICT Infrastructure
- Rollout E-Government services
- Job creation and financial business development
- Information communication specialist training business


Eco-friendly leisure town in the MunGang Hot Spring area in ChoongBuk ChoongJu-Si, South Korea

In 1993, a hot spring was discovered in the MunGang-Ri area of South Korea. The development of the MunGang Hot Spring was approved as a development promotion district (tourism and recreation development district) in accordance with the Hot Spring District Designation and the National Land Use Planning Law over 10 years ago.

Gold Tree Investments will develop and expand this area to target the boom in foreign tourists by creating the most popular family oriented hot spring resort town. You will be able to enjoy access to our resort style community amenities, which exude the ambiance of a vacation getaway. Indulge in our outdoor entertainment area and elegant rest areas with intimate natural surroundings to unwind.

● Multi Hot Spring Baths
● Hotel
● Fitness Facilities
● Recreational & Cultural Facilities
● Commercial/Shopping Facilities
● Senior Citizen Recreation
● Holistic Medical Facilities and more…


Construction of a four-story, five-star luxury hotel that will be built directly on the water will include bars, restaurants, hot tubs, pools, conference rooms, wedding receptions and more. The hotel will be located in the prime location of the Gwangalli coast in Busan, South Korea where you will have a very unique experience with everlasting fun in the open sea.



Gold Tree Investments owns over 8 acres of entitled land with approval to build a 130 unit 55+ active adult community totaling 208,000 square feet including ground floor commercial space. The property is located in a vibrant suburb of Philadelphia just 14 miles north of downtown Philadelphia.

Gold Tree Investments has identified the need for additional affordable housing in this particular senior sector and have elected to build a community in the Class B asset class. Our research shows the strong demand in senior housing has a long runway and will sustain low vacancy rates compared to other asset classes in an economic downturn while still receiving top end rents.

The 65 and older population will increase by 6 percent of the total population, totaling 75.5 million by 2030, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This explosion in the aging population, the variety of senior housing property types, and the strong return on investment make senior housing one of the ‘expected best bets’.

Gold Tree Investments’ goal is to build and purchase 2000 units of Condominiums and apartments by 2022.


We are in the process of constructing premier luxury apartments located in the Bundang area of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The apartments will offer a very high quality of life in a peaceful and lush setting within the city limits including amazing amenities and spacious floor plans.

Bundang is the largest and most populous district of Seongnam, a major city in Seoul, South Korea. Bundang is one of South Korea's wealthiest and highest developed areas, being the nation's first and largest completely artificial city built in the early 1990s.


Renewable Energy

We are also very focused on Sustainable energy solutions In order to solve the world’s growing energy needs. Our investment firm owns and manages renewable energy projects which recently signed an agreement to develop renewable energy projects off the western shores of Africa.

Our focus
- Wind Power / Solar Power streetlights and security lights
- Landscape Lighting and Lighting Tower System
- Wireless communication Wi-Fi repeater / unmanned security system
- Solar disaster monitoring and alarm system


Michael Choi, Esq.


Stanley J. Sinowitz, Esq.

President of USA Office

Robert Swift, Esq.

President of South Korea Office

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